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New normal HR 2021

In the past year, COVID poisoned the economy drastically so new normal HR 2021 must be develop their duty because it will have a strong impact on the business. Many companies around the world are faced with intense work and management challenges.  Although COVID-19 still affects

8 New Innovations toys 2020

Innovations toys 2020 .There is 95% of the world’s population now has access to digital signals. The remaining 5 percent have no chance. 73% of the world’s population has a mobile phone, while 27% do not have 46% of the population, nearly half of the world’s population

Air taxi service

Air taxi service the highclass innovation.

I’ve seen taxis on the road often. It’s time for Air taxi service to shine. This is the history that Hyundai partnered with Uber to develop an Air Taxi, a runway-less aircraft.  But use a driven rotor instead Plus there is also silence. Does not make noise to disturb

Great Google tricks to make your long weekend get more happy

Great Google tricks to make your long weekend get more happy ! The upcoming long weekend may cause many People feel stressed. Because having to meet relatives Or worry that you will not be in time for dinner But worry no more, today GL is sharing tips from Google that will

UPTIS innovation

UPTIS innovation, pneumatic tireSuperior safety on the road

UPTIS innovation, due to general car tires drive well only when the tire pressure is compressed into the right amount. But often problems arise from drivers who do not know for sure What is the ideal tire pressure ?! Even with the instruction manual, we have to use the

Smart Contact Lens

Smart Contact Lens

Smart Contact Lens is contact Lens genius Capture with blink of an eye. Its cool innovation like blinking eyes to take pictures or record videos. Like in the movie 007 is going to actually happen. When tech giants like SONY developed ‘smart contact lenses’ under Nicola Tesla and nanotechnology. Ready to

voice assistant

The technologies of the future : Smart voice assistant

what is smart voice assistant? Prepare to meet with Voice Assistant everywhere. At this time, we can begin to see smart voice assistants that can be ordered indoors and outdoors. Such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or a colorful one like Apple Siri. Voice Assistant innovations


Ballie robot, the rolling companion robot 2021 from Samsung

The big robot got away because Samsung developed it into a small robot 2021 sphere called “Ballie” that can be held with one hand. Samsung launched the Ballie, a small, round, rolling robot at CES 2020. Raising the flag as an innovative robot that is


“L’Oréal” unveils “Perso” AI devices for consumers

Get to know L’Oréal Perso in the digital age, there is no business that cannot be disrupted. including the beauty industry that has been born with “Beauty Tech” . Business that adapts and creates a new business model. Like the “L’Oréal Group” (L’Oréal) today, don’t limit yourself to being a

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The top smart wallet for the forgotten young man

Smart wallet is made for Cashless society people. The convenience of the online world It is dangerous too. Wouldn’t it be better if you could carry a smart wallet without fear of getting lost? Don’t be afraid to forget Or accidentally left it somewhere.  It also helps to keep