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smart contact lens

Apple is developing a “smart contact lens”

Apple is developing a “smart contact lens” Ming-Chi Kuo , an analyst products, Apple said earlier it predicted that Apple may launch the device VR / AR a head (which did not come out), the last Ming-Chi Kuo also provide further details, saying the company ‘s. Apple aiming to launch “Contact lenses”

Sony Play station 5

Sony Play station 5 in one quarter, hitting 4.5 million sales

Sony Play station 5 in one quarter, hitting 4.5 million sales, pushing game business revenue to a record 2.52 billion baht. Until the launch of the product, ready for sale in November. That means they only have a two-month period before the end of their budget

2021 Tesla’s golden year

2021 Tesla’s golden year, opens its 2020 revenue soaring strong of 9.46 billion baht as a result of the success of the ufabet Chinese factory. It’s not just the performance on the stock board that attracts investors. Because Tesla’s 2020 performance last year (TSLA) was equally

waste Technology Management System

Garbage and waste disposal : Smart Cities-Clean Energy

  Technology “Garbage and waste disposal” is waste Technology Management System. To reduce the impact on communities and the environment And it should start from having an efficient waste collection system to reduce energy consumption. And storing different types of waste at different times. Moreover, waste sorting is for

Alpha Zero is an AI

Alpha Zero the AI defeating the chess world champion

Alpha Zero the AI defeating the chess world champion, we have already covered the human-AI chess tournament, which took place about 20 years ago. It’s this ending. We bring you a conversation between Lex Friedman, a young AI professor from MIT, who believes AI will be developed

Car technology

Car technology! Answering the future world of 2021

Car technology! Answering the future world of 2021″Car”, a land vehicle technology produced to meet the transportation problems in the past. Causing the convenience of traveling From the past, we had to ride a carriage, horse riding, elephant riding and boating for several days to reach our

New normal HR 2021

In the past year, COVID poisoned the economy drastically so new normal HR 2021 must be develop their duty because it will have a strong impact on the business. Many companies around the world are faced with intense work and management challenges.  Although COVID-19 still affects

8 New Innovations toys 2020

Innovations toys 2020 .There is 95% of the world’s population now has access to digital signals. The remaining 5 percent have no chance. 73% of the world’s population has a mobile phone, while 27% do not have 46% of the population, nearly half of the world’s population