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Cause the phone battery to run out surprisingly quickly.

One question that many causes your phone battery to drain so quickly? And how will it be managed money to be able to solve this problem decisively. Today, we will bring you to meet reasons why the battery of the mobile phone is depleted so quickly. Let’s find

people like to use Dark Mode

Why do so many people like to use Dark Mode?

Why do so many people like to use Dark Mode? In the past We may see some streams about Dark Mode through the eyes. For example, a call to Apple apps Instagram Updates feature dark mode for smart phones Android system with the smart phones IOS system that Instagram

UPTIS innovation

UPTIS innovation, pneumatic tireSuperior safety on the road

UPTIS innovation, due to general car tires drive well only when the tire pressure is compressed into the right amount. But often problems arise from drivers who do not know for sure What is the ideal tire pressure ?! Even with the instruction manual, we have to use the


Ballie robot, the rolling companion robot 2021 from Samsung

The big robot got away because Samsung developed it into a small robot 2021 sphere called “Ballie” that can be held with one hand. Samsung launched the Ballie, a small, round, rolling robot at CES 2020. Raising the flag as an innovative robot that is


“L’Oréal” unveils “Perso” AI devices for consumers

Get to know L’Oréal Perso in the digital age, there is no business that cannot be disrupted. including the beauty industry that has been born with “Beauty Tech” . Business that adapts and creates a new business model. Like the “L’Oréal Group” (L’Oréal) today, don’t limit yourself to being a

the time to improve

2021 is the time to improve and create a balance for yourself

Hello 2021 It is the time to improve and create a balance for yourself.  Time has passed us very quickly. How has your working life been last year? Is there any opportunity and room for growth? But if you ‘re not’ or are still hesitant with the answer,

Work from home

12 Tips to work from home for Effective Work From Home

Work From Home  sometimes it can be stressful and fun, and the advantage is that we can wear clothes that are casual and casual on our own. We’ll start to feel lonely for not talking to anyone all week. 1. Make a corner of the work