Repeated exercise type risks skeletal muscle imbalance.

Repeated exercise of the same type risks upper skeletal muscle imbalance.

Exercise helps improve your figure and health. Which is a correct understanding But if you don’t have enough knowledge and understanding. Or there is no one to provide proper supervision. May result in injury.

For example, lifting weights in the same position causes the muscles. That are being use too much. Meanwhile, the muscles. That are rarely used will not be developed. Including incorrect exercises, such as using your dominant side โปรโมชั่น ufabet to lift the barbell with more force than your non-dominant side. It can cause muscle imbalance. and can have a negative effect on one’s personality as a result Such as the condition of the upper skeletal muscles not working properly or “Upper Cross Syndrome” (UCS) that causes the neck to protrude, the shoulders to droop, the inner shoulder blades to bulge out, and the back to hunch, with pain in the neck, shoulders, or arms.

This is to prevent uneven upper skeletal muscle function. You should have an expert trainer. Supervise, plan and arrange the correct and appropriate exercise postures. and regularly examine and analyze the body structure


Muscle imbalance refers to a disparity in strength, flexibility, or coordination between opposing muscle groups or different muscles in a group. It’s a common problem that can cause by a variety of factors, including sitting, poor posture, repetitive motions, and a lack of a balanced exercise routine.

Muscles usually work in pairs, with one muscle group responsible for movement in one direction and its opposite group in the opposite direction. When a muscle is out of balance, it means that one muscle group is stronger or tighter than the opposite group, causing an imbalance of normal forces around the joint.