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Operation COVID-19 vaccine warp speed ​​estimates 100 million U.S. citizens

In this december The US government’s Operation COVID-19 vaccine warp speed ​​program. That supports the invention and testing of the COVID-19 vaccine. In many COVID-19 vaccine projects around the world, expected Americans will get vaccine against COVID-19. By February 2021.    If both Pfizer and Moderna are banned by


Toilet Technology without sewers for help the world.

Toilet Technology without sewers is the Challenge. Interesting numbers come out that around one third of the world’s population, or about 2.3 billion people, do not have good rooms due to resource constraints, and as a result, many people eat food contaminated with waste. From

Carbon dioxide catcher

Carbon dioxide catcher

Around the world there is a reduction in the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. But we can still do this very slowly. The UN says that another 100 billion tonnes of it will release into the atmosphere this century. And it is one of the


The meat-free burger made by undergo cell culture

Meats that undergo cell culture or The meat-free burger. The United Nations estimates that by 2050. There will be an estimated 9.8 billion global population and people will consume more meat. Maybe due to better living and greater economic growth. It will make people consume 70% more