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What is technology and what are the functions of the system?

Technology is the use of factors that are important to blend together: knowledge, equipment, ideas, principles, techniques, methods, processes, including the introduction of science. Modern invention including various methods to be applied to make a better change. It is also a way to increase both efficiency. And effectiveness more

How to listen to Clubhouse via the web.

How to listen to Clubhouse via the web without have to download the app. After Clubhouse announce a new feature. That many people are waiting for Because if you want to join in without download app. You can listen to Clubhouse. That is through the web. Which can be

How do you know that a Block number.

          How do you know that a Block number? Let’s see how to check. If it’s blocked. You’ll know for sure.           Suddenly I can’t answer the phone and can’t contact.  I believe that many people may have encountered

How to use salary it until next month.

   For working people. The main problems that often arise. The salary is not up front and back. Salary is out, it’s all used up both credit card payments Pay for accommodation, car installments, water bills, electricity bills and miscellaneous expenses. Until you don’t have to ask if

ETH Hits $4400 Hits All-Time High

ETH Hits $4400 Hits All-Time High. For the first time in a year, Ethereum 2.0 powered by the Proof of Stake (POS) engine has been upgraded to Altair on the Beacon Chian. User (Light Client Function), Incentive Adjustment and Adjustment of Penalty Levels for Network

Squid Game Crypto Coin Rises 2,400% in 24 Hours

Squid Game Crypto Coin Rises 2,400% in 24 Hours. The cryptocurrency ‘SQUID’, a coin inspired by the hit Netflix series ‘Squid Game’,. That recently jumped 2,400% in 24 rounds. hours, with a current market value of about $174 million (5 billion baht). Squid Game , produced under the

5 ways to protect your eyes

5 ways to protect your eyes

5 ways to protect your eyes when exposed to bright light from the computer screen. Most of the office workers have to use computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones to work, and a total of at least 7-8 hours a day, and in addition to working

AI and the role of home assistant.

AI and the role of home assistant

It is one of the ambitions of almost every human being in the world to have a helper in their home. Keep doing everything for us without having to get up to do it yourself. Whether it’s a refrigerator that can be ordered by yourself.  Learn

What is AI technology ?

What is AI technology ?

What is AI technology ? Artificial intelligence Also known as AI technology is to make computers capable of being similar to humans. or imitating human behavior that has it all It is software that is used with computers. So that it can think for itself, be intelligent and manage everything on its