6 foods high fiber Helps lose weight

6 foods high fiber Helps lose weight Helps you feel full for a long time and reduces fussy eating. For many people, losing weight can be difficult. And it’s a difficult thing to do in everyday life. But did you know that just by eating

Repeated exercise type risks skeletal muscle imbalance.

Repeated exercise of the same type risks upper skeletal muscle imbalance. Exercise helps improve your figure and health. Which is a correct understanding But if you don’t have enough knowledge and understanding. Or there is no one to provide proper supervision. May result in injury.

Gout is an important disease of the elderly.

Gout is an important disease of the elderly. Gout is a disease that has been with our history for a long time. Since 2640 BC. The Egyptians defined a disease characterized by acute inflammation of the big toe joint as ‘Podagra’. Later, the Greek physician Hippocrates

Roma’s owner grows impatient with Mourinho dismissal.

Jose Mourinho, Roma’s coach, encountered a sudden change in situation. May be fired before the contract expires at the end of this season. It was the result of losing to AC Milan 1-3. Roma’s performance in Serie A has been disappointing. Won only one game from the last